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Greetings to all our great members, we are proud to announce that we have grown in less than 1 month into a family of more than 1000 selected collectors and to celebrate this, we are opening the Pre Order of Spawn¨s Battle of Good and Evil in the scale of 1/4 its going to be big and its going to be epic and best of all at an affordable price so you can all get yours so don´t miss it!
Material : Resin
Worldwide Shipping
Estimated Statue Dimensions:
Total Height: 61 cm
Length:63 cm
Width:56 cm
Pre Order Fee: 150 USD
Unpainted Model: 550 USD + Shippment + paypal fee
Painted Model 600 USD + Shippment + paypal fee (Paypal fee calculator)
All interested in aquiring yours should leave us a nice message on forum and write to (paypal account)
or via PM to Juan Francisco S Grau
Pre order rules will be published in the groups information.
Thanks for your attention and have a nice we

Jonathan vasquez untitled 240
Jonathan vasquez 1 color 243
Jonathan vasquez 1 color 244
Jonathan vasquez 1 color 245
Jonathan vasquez byn 1
Jonathan vasquez byn 3
Jonathan vasquez byn 4
Jonathan vasquez byn 5 1
Jonathan vasquez byn 6